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Pesach 2018

March 29, 2018

The date for Pesach 2018 is Saturday, March 31st and the dates for Chag Ha’Matzoh are April 1st thru April 7th, 2018, in the Hebrew Year 5778.  The date for Reishit Katzir is April 3rd, in the Hebrew Year 5778.

Pesach begins at sunset tomorrow, Friday, March 30 and Chag Ha’Matzoh ends at sunset Saturday, April 7.

The Moedim are Dress Rehearsals for prophetic events. Pesach, Chag Ha’Matzoh, and Reishit Katzir have all been fulfilled in the death, burial, and resurrection of Yeshua. Praise Yahweh for fulfilling prophecy.

The festival of Pesach includes the day of Pesach (Passover) on March 31st, Chag Ha’Matzoh (Unleavened Bread) on April 1st, and Reishit Katzir (Firstfruits) on April 3rd, in the Hebrew Year 5778. The first Pesach was held in Egypt when the Hebrew slaves put blood on the lintels and posts of the doors to their homes and the Angel of Death passed-over them. It has been celebrated by Jews and Gentiles for over three thousand years.

Most famously, the festival is noted for its lack of leaven (hametz) and the Seder Meal which is eaten while the story of the first exodus is recounted. Each year those celebrating the feast will scour their homes for every last trace of leaven, and remove all of it from the home. On Pesach eve, the Seder Meal is served and includes a shank of lamb, bitter herbs, matzo, and the Afikoman, plus much more. If you have not yet been to a Seder, by all means find one to attend.

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