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Favorite 27 Blood of Yeshua

July 7, 2017

Synopsis of April 12, 2011…… The Powerful Blood of Christ

Many do not understand that sin did not originate in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

Where Sin Began:
True, Eve was deceived and began to “be like God”. Her first sin was in misquoting God’s words to Adam (Genesis 3:2). Next, she takes it on her own authority to proclaim that the fruit is “good” – despite the fact that only God has the authority to proclaim what is good and what is bad, or evil! Finally, she eats the fruit, then proceeds to contaminate her spouse with sin by giving him of the fruit (Genesis 3:6).

Thus, sin begins many would say. But wait, sin was already in the universe. Satan was the first to sin, in heaven, in the Heavenly Temple, according to Isaiah14:12-15.

The item needed:
God knew that blood would be needed to cleanse the Heavenly Temple, and also to give mankind access to himself and the Temple. But where could he get this blood? Heaven is populated by spirit beings, and only beings of flesh have blood. Thus began God’s plan to create the earth, populate it with beings of flesh, and provide blood to cleanse his heavenly home. But animal blood would not be good enough, and neither would human blood, once Adam and Eve had sinned. Pure blood was needed. God needed a sacrifice once and for all, a sacrifice that would be sufficient to cover or atone for all sin. Hence, Yeshua is born of a virgin and the application of his blood to the heavenly temple (Hebrews 9:11-28).

But why blood?
Leviticus 17:11 – “For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have given it to you for making atonement for your lives on the altar; for, as life, it is the blood that makes atonement.”

Blood is the only substance that makes atonement. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, God shed blood to provide a cover. Deuteronomy 12:23 also tells us that the life is in the blood, or more accurately, the blood is life. Hebrews 9:22 tells us that there is no forgiveness or remission of sins without the shedding of blood.

Blood is the only substance within our bodies that covers. If you don’t get this, next time you cut yourself take a look at the blood. The blood on wounds has to be removed before you, a doctor, a nurse, or someone else can assess the damage. Why? Because you can’t see through it – it fully covers!


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