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Golden Calf (Easter 2015)

March 26, 2015

Exodus 32Moses is up on the mountain with Yahweh and the Hebrews are down below partying, carousing, and building a calf out of the gold items they brought out of Egypt.

Building a golden calf to celebrate Egyptian gods  turned out to be a real disaster and 3,000 died.  This coming Sunday begins what many call “Holy Week”.  It starts with Palm Sunday, and ends with Easter.   All fine and good, except for one problem – the Gregorian dates of the celebrations celebrated don’t match up with Yahweh’s dates for the celebrations!  Yet another golden calf that has been built and continues to be worshipped.  I wonder how many eternal deaths this has caused?

The Timing
According to Yahweh’s Calendar, Yeshua’s entry into Jerusalem does indeed happen this Sunday, March 29, 2015.  With this date, the Gregorian Calendar agrees.  However, from this date on it goes awry.  The table below shows the differences:

Biblical Significance

Gregorian Name

Biblical Date

Gregorian Date

Days Off

Yeshua’s Entry into Jerusalem

Triumphal Entry March 29, 2015 March 29, 2015 0

Pesach – Crucifixion Day

Black Friday

April 4, 2015

April 3, 2015


Chag Ha’Matzoh – Burial Day

Not Celebrated

April 5, 2015

Not Celebrated


Reishit Katzir – Resurrection Day Easter April 7, 2015 April 5, 2015


The changes that Constantine and the Nicene Council instituted not only changed the names and dates, they brought in pagan traditions.  This year the “church” will celebrate Yeshua’s death a day early, his date of burial as the day he is resurrected, and his resurrection two days before he rises!  Next year, the “church” will celebrate Yeshua’s resurrection almost an entire month before he is even crucified!

Mixing pagan traditions in with Christian celebrations is never Yahweh approved.  The Hebrews tried to bring into the Mount Sinai celebration the worship of the golden calf of Egypt.  Yahweh was furious.  If not for the intercession of Moses, he would have killed all of the people he had just brought out of Egypt, not just 3000. The question must be asked, “Can true Christians continue to mix pagan rituals with worship of Yeshua?”  Never, I say, never – not at all!  As Richard Rives says: “We cannot decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. That is what Satan wants us to do. We cannot proclaim a known pagan birthday to be in honor of Jesus, just because we think it is a good thing to do.”

Do yourself a favor, get back on Yahweh’s calendar, stop building, celebrating and worshipping a golden calf, and have nothing to do with the change in times and seasons that former anti-Semitic individuals and organizations have instituted.

Final Thought
Prophecy continues to unfold as foretold by the Hebrew Prophets.  Today we are one day closer to the return of Yeshua than we were yesterday and tomorrow we will be even one day closer.  For almost two thousand years the Jews would proclaim “Next year in Jerusalem!”  I now proclaim “Next Yom Teruah in the clouds!”  Time is short – Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon – get busy reaching the lost.

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