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Middle East Update 2012

January 10, 2013

Amos 1:6Yahweh will not revoke the punishment of Gaza for three transgressions, but will punish for four.

As expected, the United Nations General Assembly recognized Palestine as a “non-member observer state” within the international community in November of 2012.  Just days ago the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas officially signed his first decrees that bear the name of the “State of Palestine”.  Stamps, signs, documents, and stationary letterheads will be changed to reflect the new “Palestinian statehood”.  Abbas claims that the move is aimed at enhancing Palestinian sovereignty and real independence.

But wait, there’s more.  Palestinian Authority Chief Islamic Judge Tayseer Al-Tamimi declared that the caliphate will be restored, the land of Palestine will be liberated, and Jerusalem will be its capital!  He goes on to claim that Islam will triumph throughout the Middle East, and the PA will be one of its chief champions.  Egypt is just the start – the birth pangs have begun.

Benjamin Netanyahu, however, says “Jerusalem will not be divided so long as I’m prime minister.”  In order for a Palestinian state to become reality, the Palestinians must first recognize Israel as a Jewish state, they must declare an end to the conflict, and any Palestinian state must be demilitarized, with security arrangements meeting Israeli approval.

Jeremiah 49:35-37Yahweh will break the strength of Iran and it will be scattered to the four winds.

According to numerous sources and prognosticators, an attack on Iran is still scheduled for early 2013, due to their continuing failure to halt nuclear weapons production.  A source within the Revolutionary Guard intelligence unit claims that Iran has already built a nuclear bomb, thanks to help from both Russia and North Korea.  Iran also has enough weapons-grade uranium and plutonium for more, according to the same source, and they are working out of numerous sites unknown to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Ezekiel 38:2-4Yahweh will turn Russia about, put hooks into its jaws, and will bring it out to battle.

Russia has been intimately involved in the Syrian war, has backed off, returned, waffled, and is now again rejoining the battle.  Sixteen ships are headed towards Syria with hundreds of troops in a show of force meant to keep countries hostile to the Bashar Assad regime from intervening in the war-torn nation.  In addition, their “exercises” in the area will include demonstrations of anti-submarine and air defense operations.  A Russian diplomatic source was quoted as saying “Russia should be prepared for any developments, as it believes the situation in Syria might reach its peak before Easter”.

Isaiah 17:1Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and will become a ruin.

Syria is becoming an ever increasing threat to both its neighbors, and the entire Middle East.  The bombs filled last year with Sarin gas have not been dismantled, but are still being stored close to military bases.  Furthermore, new satellite imagery shows that Syrian troops appear to be mixing chemicals used in missiles at two storage sites, filling dozens of 500-pounds bombs that could be loaded on airplanes.  Bashar Assad on Sunday, January 6, 2013, defiantly stated that he “no longer takes dictation from anyone” – and has especially rejected dialogue with the opposition as “puppets fabricated by the West”. If Assad becomes desperate enough to order these weapons used, they could be sent off in under two hours.  Couple this with nuclear threats from Iran, which has remained one of Syria’s staunchest allies, and it all spells trouble – – big trouble brewing just north of Israel.

Attacks on Israel
Psalm 9Israel will be established forever. Nations that forget God shall be turned into Hell.

Israeli soldiers, who entered the Jenin refugee camp to arrest a Palestinian wanted for involvement in terrorism, were attacked by about five hundred Palestinians who surrounded the troops and threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the soldiers.  In another attack, this time near Esh Kodesh, close to Shilo in the Binyamin region, about two hundred fifty Arabs began rioting and attacking Jewish residents, injuring eleven and damaging vineyards, saplings, and at least one military vehicle.

The uproar on the Israeli border with Syria has prompted Benjamin Netanyahu to respond by giving directions to the Defense Ministry to “build fences on all of Israel’s frontiers, first and foremost on our border with Syria”.  “We know that today on the other side of the border with Syria the Syrian army has moved away, and in its place global jihad elements have moved in,” he says.

Even the United States appears to be increasing efforts to distance itself from Israel.  On Monday, President Barack Obama nominated former Senator Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon.  Hagel claims he’s a strong supporter of Israel, but is he really?  In the past, he has always been supportive of Israel and the U.S. commitment to defend it, but has also been highly critical of Israel’s continued building of settlements in the West Bank, and has also been highly critical of Israel’s threats to bomb Iran by the Israeli Air Force.   He is viewed by some to be too soft on Hamas and Hezbollah, perhaps anti-Semitic due to his refusal to sign a letter to Boris Yeltsin that encouraged Yeltsin to combat anti-Semitism, and for seeking direct negotiations with Iran and sometimes opposing sanctions against Iran. And Hagel is no fan of the Jewish lobbying groups in Washington, D.C.  All of these items may point to an anti-Israeli, rather than a pro-Israeli stance.  Time will tell if he is given the position.

Not to be out done, the head of a radical Catholic sect in Canada has claimed that “Jews are enemies of the Church”.

February 2013 Update
Zechariah 12:2-3And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

The past couple of weeks have been relatively quiet on the Middle East Front, with only a few skirmishes here and there.

Lebanon may be heading in the same direction as other nations in the area. The last few months have seen an upsurge in both the number of protests and the type of protesters. Jordan’s large Palestinian population is now openly calling for King Abdullah’s abdication or overthrow. One can only ask: “How much longer will it be before Jordan is taken over by Muslim Brotherhood or it deteriorates into a bloody civil war?

Bashar Assad’s army can no longer be found along the entire Israeli border except at the Quneitra border, leaving the area in total control of rebel forces. The Times of Israel quotes Abu-Jable who says: “The regime wants the rebels to take control of all villages on the border area so that Israel intervenes in the conflict, and then Assad can accuse Israel of conspiring against him.” Damascus and Alleppo continue to be heavily assaulted by the rebels.

March 5, 2013 has been set as the date for peace talks to open in Moscow between the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime. Assad, Khomeini, and Putin are predicted to be the winners coming out of these talks.

Gaza and the Palestinians
Palestinians are increasing the number of Intifadas on a daily basis, making around eighteen attempts to kidnap Israeli soldiers in response to alleged abuses against Palestinian prisoners of war by the Israelis, and especially in response to the death of. The Palestinians are apparently looking for another Gilad Shalit.

In addition to these Intifadas, the Palestinians have also fired the first rocket into Israel from the Gaza Strip, again supposedly in response to Arafat Jaradat’s untimely death. Amazing how little it takes to set off their fury.

But wait, there’s more: President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party has stopped disarming members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorist group, in direct violation of a 2007 amnesty agreement signed with Israel that requires Brigades members to completely disarm. One can only ask: “How much longer will Yahweh allow the Palestinians’ hatred of His people to grow before He disciplines them?”

Iran’s nuclear facility at Fordow now appears to be showing signs of radiation leakage. The Khomeini/Ahmadinejad regime has ordered stockpiles of iodine pills from Russia, fearing that the radioactivity will spread. Cleanup personnel are complaining of headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Egypt has been strangely quiet since the riots against Morsi and his government at the beginning of February, if one discounts the continuing violence towards Coptic Christians.

United States
United States Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that the U.S. will support the anti-Assad rebel forces by training said rebels, and by pledging $60 Million in aid to the Rebel Military Council. He calls this aid “non-lethal” assistance that is being offered on behalf of the venerable Barky Insane O’Bummer. One can only ask: “How much longer before Yahweh disciplines the U.S. for blessing Israel’s enemies?” Against this backdrop, however, Barky does seem to be hinting that he will attack Iran this June or July, or so says SS John Kerry. Yeah right, wasn’t that supposed to happen last year in June, too? Didn’t the time for diplomatic solutions run out last year, too?

Israel is being isolated by all the nations of the world. The Middle East is a cauldron at full heat, about to boil over, and Russia is being pulled into the conflict, willing or not. When it will boil over into all out war is yet to be seen. It becomes clearer and clearer that diplomatic solutions will not solve any problems nor deter war. Get busy reaching the lost.Prophetic events continue to increasingly unfold as foretold by the Hebrew prophets. The stage is being set. Each day is one day closer to our Lord’s return. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach is coming soon. Get busy reaching the lost.

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  1. Stealey permalink

    Keep all the articles coming. I love reading through your things. Cheers.

  2. truthmatters12 permalink

    Thanks! Very interesting! That reminds me of a random verse that popped into my head: Zechariah 9:6, which declares that “a mongrel race will dwell in Ashdod.” Fulfilled, for sure!

  3. Hello again Truthmatters,
    Unfortunately, you are quite correct that the failure to recognize their family ties will ultimately result in punishment. And right from the git-go, Ishmael, his children, and their descendants have steadfastly refused to recognize and accept the covenant Yahweh made with Abraham and Isaac.

    Daniel 2:41-43 describes the final kingdom as one that is mingled – iron mixed with clay. The word that is translated mingled, or mixed, is the Hebrew word m’arav (עֲרַב H6151,6152) and is frequently translated nomad, people of the desert, or from Arabia — or as we would say in English, Arab! Exodus 12:38 speaks of a mixed multitude, from the word, ereb (עֲרַב H6154). Again, we would say Arab! Both these words generally denote a mixture, a mixed people, a mixed company, even a mixed or interwoven cloth.

    Yes, I tend to use the term Ishmaelite rather than Arab, but six of one, half dozen of the other — after all, Ishmael is the father of the Arab peoples. Just as your study shows, modern DNA research has shown that those of Arab descent have a “mixed” DNA from several, if not many, other races – in other words, they are not of one single race. Hence, the mixed DNA of the current dwellers of much of the Middle East, including Gaza, the West Bank, etc.

    God Bless,
    Prof J

  4. truthmatters12 permalink

    I see that you are right about the “three-four” model. For, in Proverbs 30 there are four statements which use this “three-four” idiom, and in all four instances, the writer gives four things. So, I judge that you, Barnes, and Clarke are right about that, since it agrees with Scripture. Thanks for clearing that up!
    I would not say that the 12-20% of non-Jewish blood is predominantly Ishmaelite. The population of Palestinians, as it stands today, is such an admixture of some Ishmaelite, but also of some Edomite (who mixed into the Jewish population after the time of John Hyrcannus), Egyptian, Circassian, Hittite, Caucasian (that is from around the Caucasus Sea), English, Turkish, Italian, and more, for all of these came and conquered at least some parts of Israel during the dark days after God expelled many of the Jews from the land, first in 587 B.C. and then after A.D. 135. I saw the workup of the DNA tests that were done, and I was amazed. This mixed people did accept the Arab ways and beliefs, however, and for this reason they are proud to call themselves “Arab.” It is SAD that they do not realize just how predominantly Jewish they are! If they could get hold of this, what a difference it might make in their attitude! They have CERTAINLY adopted the Ishmaelite attitude, and for that they will be punished! But, I believe, the remnant of them also will be saved and re-enstated into the marvelous Olive Tree from which they were long ago cast off.

  5. Hi Truthmatters,

    Once again, those Hebrew idioms have tripped you up!

    Barnes puts it this way: “These words express, not four transgressions added to the three, but an additional transgression beyond the former, the last sin, whereby the measure of sin, which before was full, overflows, and God’s wrath comes“. Clarke’s Commentary agrees: “These expressions of three and four, so often repeated in this chapter, mean repetition, abundance, and any thing that goes towards excess“. The same 3-4 idiom is used in Proverbs 30:15-16: “There are three things that are never satisfied; yea, four things say not, it is enough“. Again in that series of sayings in the book of Proverbs 30, the fourth is, in each, something greater than the three preceding. A similar idiom is used in Job 5:19, this time using the numbers 6 and 7. denoting that the seventh is some far heavier trouble, beyond all the rest.

    Therefore, my translation, “Yahweh will not revoke the punishment of Gaza for three transgressions, but will punish for four” is an accurate translation of the underlying Hebrew of Amos 1:6. (Oops, I left out the second “punish” but have now corrected this. Thanks!)

    Yes, the destruction of Gaza due to the actions of the Philistines took place historically in the fifth century. However, once again, we see that Gaza is on the front page of the news. Just as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire (Jude 1:7), so also is ancient Gaza set forth as an example of what will again take place in the near future – this time in regards to the descendants of Esau, or as Psalm 83 puts it, the Tents of Edom! As you say, 80% Jewish blood, mixed with Arab, or Ishmaelite blood. That fourth transgression, greater than all of the preceding transgressions, will trigger Yahweh’s response.

    God Bless,
    Prof J

  6. truthmatters12 permalink

    In the main, I agree with most of what you have to say in this post.

    However, your usage of Amos 1:6 is out of context and badly translated. In my NASB and in every other literal translation I have on PC Study Bible (six of the most popular English versions), it is, “For three transgressions of Gaza, and for four, I will not turn away….” What is the significance of this? Well, three plus four is seven, and seven stands for perfection or completeness.

    Amos uses it throughout his book to indict the neighbors of Israel/Judah, as well as Israel and Judah themselves. Amos’ prophecy is a prophecy of DOOM on all those whom he indicts in this fashion. God had had enough of their terrible sins! He would indeed punish all of them. Gaza had become completely wicked by the time of Amos’ writing, in about 751 B.C. (Halley’s Bible Handbook on Amos.) The context of God’s harsh judgment on Gaza was their terrible treatment of some of their Jewish neighbors (Amos 1:6). In this context Gaza, as the chief of the Philistine population, was being addressed, while the judgment pronounced by God falls on ALL of the Philistines. For, in verse 8, Amos names all the major cities of the Philistines and predicts that “the remnant of the Philistines will perish.”

    One rule in biblical understanding apropos to this discussion is that one must ALWAYS look at history to see if a particular prophecy has been fulfilled in the past. If it has, then it may have a kind of “metaphorical” repetition in the future, but USUALLY, the fulfilled prophecy is now a potent witness that God ALWAYS fulfills His threats and promises, unlike many indulgent, neglectful parents today. The fact is, the Philistine population exists no more as a people group.

    To verify this, please go to Wikipedia and look up Philistine history. According to historians, the Philistines ceased to exist as a distinct people group in “the early fifth century.” This was right around the time that the Judeans returned to Judah, with permission from the king of Persia. God was protectiing them, thus, from a resumption of hostilities with this formerly menacing and powerful people. According to history, they were conquered and subjugated successively by Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia.

    Another very interesting detail about the prophecy of Amos in 1:6-8 is that genetic scholars have pinpointed the predominant genes of ALL of the Palestinians, which would include those living in Gaza. Most of the gene pool, over 80%, is simply Jewish!! Palestinians, thus, are apostate Jewish Christians who “converted” to Islam in the 7-8th century A.D. They were, subsequently, Arabized over the century and think of themselves as “Arab.” In their blood also runs a tad of all the different people groups who invaded Israel and some stuck around. Whether from rape or marriage, these subdominant bloodlines also mixed into the local Palestinian population. (See Wikipedia, “Palestinians.”)

    So, did the remnant of the Philistines perish, as Amos predicted? Yes, it did, The Philistines perished in “the LATE fifth century…..

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