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God Blesses Israel Again

June 14, 2012

The Middle East, and especially Syria, is on a collision course with all out war.  Russia and other countries are sending advanced weaponry to both sides of the conflict and Israel is bracing for evacuation and relocation of its citizens.  The European Union is becoming so financially weak that it may implode at any time.  But enough bad news.  Let’s talk about the good, no great, news hitting the headlines.

Israeli Wins World Food Prize – June 13, 2012
Isaiah 35:1-2  –  “The wilderness and the desert will be glad, And the Arabah will rejoice and blossom;  It will blossom profusely And rejoice with rejoicing and shout of joy.”

Professor Daniel Hillel has become the first Israeli to win the World Food Prize from the World Food Prize Foundation for his “groundbreaking work in micro-irrigation and his success in bridging cultural gaps to solve a global issue.”  Hillel’s nomination had come from a wide range of countries, including Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

At an early age Hillel became fascinated with plants thriving in less than favorable conditions, by open spaces, land, water, plants, and sunshine.  His micro-irrigation processes, which carries water through narrow plastic pipes to plants, where it drips or trickles onto the roots in a continuous way, have turned the deserts into a gardens. It has revolutionized agricultural and food production practices in over thirty countries over the past five to six decades, helping thousands of farmers first in the Middle East and then around the world.
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Jewish Nobel Prize Winners
Genesis 12:3 –  “And I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you: and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

In the 20th century the Nobel prize has gone to Jews more than to any other minority.  Almost one-fifth of all Nobel prize winners have been Jewish.  What makes this even more amazing is that Jewish people only comprise about 1/24th of 1 percent of the world’s population.  One would think that Arabs, a much larger group, would have the most winners.  But no, most Arab nations have only one, or none!
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Today, Israel is one of the largest exporters of fresh produce, flowers, and other agricultural products, as well as machinery and equipment, software, cut diamonds, chemicals, textiles and apparel. Its primary export partners are the United States, the European Union, Hong Kong, India and Turkey.
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Oil – June 3, 2012
A new off-shore energy field has been discovered that may even surpass previous finds, such as the Tamar and Leviathan locations.
The Pelagic fields cover half a million acres of sea approximately west of Haifa, and drillings indicate 6.7 trillion cubic feet of gas and 1.4 billion barrels of oil. The new discovery could rival Saudi Arabia oil reserves, allowing Israel to become an oil/gas exporter.
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 Final Thoughts
Truly, God blesses Abraham’s descendants, and curses those who curse him.  Truly God has blessed all families on earth through Abraham’s progeny.  When will the leaders of the nations understand that letting Israel grow and become prosperous is a blessing to the entire world.  Undoubtedly, not until Yeshua returns.

That being said, one can only ask: “How imminent is the return of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach?”

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