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Days and Hours

Over the past four years we have taken a look at several Hebrew idioms to better understand the scriptures. In 2014 we discovered that the “heavens” refers to governments and rulers, and “earth” refers to the nations or peoples. We also discovered that the “sea” and “land” again symbolized nations and their peoples, and the “stars” are the angels.

In 2015 we discovered that to “fulfill the law” is a Hebrew idiom meaning: to properly interpret, to show how to apply the law, to do it rightly, and that to “abolish the law” is just the opposite, meaning: to misinterpret, to misapply the law, to do it wrongly, thus bringing down judgment. Another Hebrew idiom we looked at was the “trees”, which we found represents all human beings, and in 2018 we saw that the “green tree” is a title for the Mashiach, Yeshua. Today we look at another idiom.

A Hebrew Idiom – No One Knows The Day or Hour
Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32 – “ When that day and hour will come, no one knows – not the angels in heaven, not the Son, just the Father.”
This saying of Yeshua has been debated for ages, and many different explanations have been given. Is it a Hebrew idiom?, and if so, Where did it come from and just what does it mean? Let’s take a look at this saying and see what is known about it:

The Most Common Usage
The common answer given by the bridegroom during ages past to someone asking the question: “When’s the wedding date?” was a well know Hebrew idiom: “I don’t know, the angels don’t know, ask my dad!” Today, if depression over the length of time taking to build the new home and furnish it to his father’s expectations had set in, the bridegroom might very well reply with one of today’s favorite idioms: “When hell freezes over!

By using this expression, “You do not know the day or the hour”, Yeshua may have simply been using a common wedding idiom to answer his disciple’s questions about the sign of his coming and of the end of the age. In short, he merely answered at the Pashat level of understanding: “It will be revealed when it is the appropriate time to do so.” This is in accordance with a similar question asked by Daniel. The answer was “keep these words secret, and seal up the book until the time of the end” (Daniel 12:1-4).

The Yom Teruah Usage
One of the seven Moedim of Yahweh (Divine Appointments or Feasts) is called the Yom Teruah. It is also referred to as Rosh Hashanah or the Feast of Trumpets. Of the seven moedim, this one is the only one that doesn’t have an exact starting time. This moed begins only when two witnesses see the edge of the moon and report their sighting to the Sanhedrin. This requirement introduces slight variable time to it’s inception. The Jews celebrate what is supposed to be the first day of the seventh month, Tishri, (Leviticus 23:23-25) over a two-day period because it is “the day no one knows the day or hour.” For this very reason, Yom Teruah was, and still is, referred to as “the moed that no one knows the day or hour of!

Yom Ha’Keseh: The Hidden Day, The Day of Hiding, The Day of Concealment.
Psalm 84:3 – “Blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the concealed time, on our feast day.”
Yom Ha’Keseh can be interpreted several different ways. Firstly, it references the day when the moon is just coming out of hiding, in other words, a day of a concealed moon. Secondly, Satan is not be given notice about the arrival of Yom Teruah, the Day of Judgment. A hidden day because it was hidden from Satan, the adversary, in the same manner that the resurrection of Yeshua on the third day was hidden from his knowledge. By using this expression, “You do not know the day or the hour”, Yeshua may have been referencing both Yom Teruah and the Yom Ha’Keseh at the Sod level of understanding.

Avi Ben Mordechai devotes a chapter in “Signs In the Heavens” to explaining what the idiom “no man knows the day or hour” truly means from a rabbinical Hebraic perspective. He states: “It is a figure of speech. Yeshua used this figure of speech to say: “I am coming for my Bride on such and such a day! Be watching! ” The phrase, “of that day and hour no man knows” refers to the sanctification or setting apart of the new moon. Without this sanctification, the Jews had no way of determining Yahweh’s appointed times or moedim.”

This same process (two witnesses viewing the first sliver of the moon and reporting it to the Sanhedrin) was used to determine the beginning day of every month, in Hebrew: Rosh Chodesh. Today, the Rabbis boot up their computers and follow the dates and times listed by the software and simply announce the first day of the month one week before the computed date!

The Word Tense
The word translated knows in Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32 is the Greek word eido [οἶδεν G1492], and is in the perfect tense. The perfect tense describes something that was true or completed in the past, was still presently true at the time it is spoken, but which would not necessarily be true in the future. Therefore, it can’t be taken dogmatically that no one will ever know, which would be in violation of numerous scriptures that clearly state that the Bride of Yeshua will know and will not be taken by surprise (Amos 3:7, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5, Hebrews 10:25, Revelation 3:3, etc.).

There are stark and complete reversals throughout scripture: prophecy sealed (Daniel 12:4) and then prophecy unsealed (Revelation 22:10). No one can know (Matthew 24:36, Mark 13:32) and now you do know (1 Thessalonians 5:1-5, Revelation 3:3).

Furthermore, the word eido can be translated as: to make known. Paul uses it this way in 1 Corinthians 2:2, saying in essence: “I have determined not to make known to you, or to openly declare, anything except the crucified Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.” If this is the manner in which Yeshua used the word eido in Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32 then the verse would read more properly: “Neither I nor the angels will make known or declare that day, only my father in Heaven will reveal or declare it.”

This takes all emphasis off of no one can know the timing and places it distinctly into the realm of mystery – a fact currently concealed and not revealed by some person or persons because it isn’t their authority to do so.

Or it is simply one of those concealed matters that brings glory to Yahweh, and which the kings are to investigate to their glory! This takes all emphasis off of no one can know the timing and fully agrees with the rest of scripture which says we will know the day and hour!

The Time Zones
When the official beginning of the Yom Teruah Moed is proclaimed in Jerusalem by the Sanhedrin, in other time zones the moed begins at a different time! In some areas it may be daylight, and on the opposite side of the globe, nighttime. In Jerusalem, it may be on the first day, but in the United States it is still the seventh day. Even in the United States, it may begin at 4:00 pm in the Eastern states but at 1:00 pm in the Western states. Hence, “You do not know the day or the hour.”

Yeshua Knows The Future
There are many scriptures which clearly show that Yeshua knew the future. He states unequivocally in Matthew 24:25: “Behold, I have told you in advance”, repeated in Mark 13:23, just a few verses before the contested “no one knows” verses! Avi Ben Mordechai writes: “If He knew the future in Mattityahu 24:25, and the context concerns the Day of Trouble, why would He suddenly speak as though He did not know the future in the same context just 11 verses later in Mattityahu 24:36? Was He confused? Or was He making perfect sense in light of the customs of the Jews? ” Needless to say, Yeshua was neither confused nor unaware of future events and their exact dates of fulfillment!

The case for “You do not know the day or the hour” being an actual Jewish idiom is very sound.  It is most likely referencing a common wedding expression at the Pashat level of understanding, more so than both Yom Teruah and the Yom Ha’Keseh at the Sod level of understanding. This statement in no way contradicts other scriptures as to whether or not one will know the day and hour today, as opposed to not knowing it when Yeshua spoke it.  A more proper translation of the Greek places it into the realm of mystery – a fact currently concealed and not yet revealed because it isn’t the time to do so –simply one of those concealed matters that brings glory to Yahweh, and which the kings are to investigate to their glory!

Final Thought
The great day of Yahweh is getting really near, even at the door. It hastens forth and will not delay. We do NOT set dates, but clearly Yahweh is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. The signs are clear for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.


The Newer Covenant Priestly Prayer

Yahweh said to Moses, “Speak to Aaron and his sons, and tell them that this is how you are to bless the people of Israel: you are to say to them . . .”

The Priestly (or Aaronic) Prayer
Numbers 6:24-26 – “Y’varekh’kha Yahweh v’yishmerekha. Ya’er Yahweh panav eleikha vichunekka.Yissa Yahweh panav eleikha v’yasem l’kha shalom.” Translated into English, it reads: “Yahweh blesses you and keeps you. Yahweh makes his face shine on you and shows you his favor. Yahweh lifts up his face toward you and makes you whole.”

Older Covenant History
Leviticus 9:22 – “Then Aaron lifted up his hands toward the people and blessed them, and he came down from offering the sin offering and the burnt offering and the peace offerings.”

It was the province of the High Priest, Aaron, to say (or sing) the priestly prayer over the people according to the Older Covenant. When doing so, the High Priest would raise his hands in the double Hebrew letter shin, which mirrors the shape of the Cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant, and put the name of Yahweh on the people. In other words, the High Priest would lift his hands and make a b’rakhah!

All fine and wonderful. But that’s just Older Covenant stuff, right? Hasn’t that been fulfilled?

Newer Covenant Parallel
So, what about the Newer Covenant? There is no longer a High Priest, according to the Rabbis, so speaking this prayer is no longer possible. Hold on, there pardner. We have the ultimate, eternal High Priest in Heaven, who stands before Yahweh to make intercession. And what did our High Priest do just before being carried into heaven at his rapture? “Yeshua led them out as far as Bethany, and lifting up his hands he blessed them” (Luke 24:50). In other words, our High Priest, Yeshua, lifted his hands and made a b’rakhah! Without doubt, he lifted them in form of the double Hebrew letter shin, and said or sang the Priestly Prayer.

Wait, are you saying that just prior to his rapture, our High Priest, Yeshua, spoke the priestly prayer over his followers? Amen, that is exactly what I am saying.

Yahweh is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His High Priest, whom he commanded to bless his people with the Priestly Prayer, did so in the Older Covenant, did so in the Newer Covenant, and continues to do so in Heaven, and will always continue to do so for all eternity. Amen and Hallelujah!

Final Thought
The great day of Yahweh is getting really near, even at the door. It hastens forth and will not delay. We do NOT set dates, but clearly Yahweh is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. The signs are clear for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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The Goddess Gambit

Genesis 2:20 – “Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found companion suitable to help him.”
The word help, often translated help-meet, is the Hebrew word ezer [עֵזֶר H5828], which means to surround, protect or aid. The helper was expected to be the one who protected Adam. However, neither a lion, a T-Rex, a behemoth, an elephant, nor any other fierce beast was suitable to the task – all would be inadequate to the task because of the nature of the enemy – Lucifer! Therefore Yahweh puts Adam to sleep and forms a woman out of his rib (Genesis 2:21). Hmmm.

The Woman in Eden
Genesis 2:18 – “I will make for him a companion suitable for helping him.”
Eve is the suitable companion, but did you catch that the woman is to surround, protect, and aid the man? Hmmm. What, exactly, made her suitable to the task? The enemy, adversary, or rival was not one of the many beasts, fowls, or plants, it was Lucifer – the dragon, the devil, a fallen angel. And Lucifer’s attack wasn’t just physical, it was emotional and spiritual. Eve was to be on guard against these attacks and warn, surround, and protect Adam when he was too busy gardening to notice! Hmmm.

Eve’s Devastating Decision To Become A Goddess
Genesis 3:6 – “Eve saw that the tree was good for food, that it had a pleasing appearance and that the tree was desirable for making one wise.”
Lucifer hit Eve with an emotional and spiritual attack that was devastating. Eve decided to become a “goddess” in her own right – no need to bow down to any other opinion but her own. So, she took the fruit and ate it, and then gave it to Adam to eat. So much for submitting to Yahweh’s command not to eat of the fruit. So much for protecting her man, eh?

The Goddess Today
Psalm 38:12 – “Those seeking my life lay snares for me, those seeking to harm me speak of disaster and think up deceptions all day long.”
Isaiah 33:15-16 – “The one who lives uprightly and speaks honestly; the one who refuses to profit from oppressive measures and rejects a bribe; the one who does not plot violent crimes and does not seek to harm others, will live on the heights, his refuge a fortress among the cliffs, his food and water in steady supply.”
You have heard it said that “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” But did you know that that saying actually starts with: “If papa ain’t happy, then mama ain’t gonna be happy, and . . .” If, then. How convenient that the first part of the saying is left out! If papa, then momma. If momma, then nobody. Women today have forgotten that their primary duty is to warn, protect, surround, and aid their men-folk, to be an ezer. In other words, to keep their men happy, healthy, and unharmed.

The daily news is rampant with goddesses seeking to harm others. Lies, deceptions, false memories, and accusations spew out of their mouths like water let out of a flood gate. This will not end well for those women/goddesses who engage in these activities. Yahweh’s word is very clear: those who seek to harm another will be put to shame and disgraced (Psalm 71:24). Those who live uprightly and speak the truth will live securely (Isaiah 33:15-16), but the cowardly, the untrustworthy, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those involved with the occult and with drugs, idol-worshippers, and all liars will be cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8)

Exodus 20:3 – Yahweh says: “You will have not other gods before me.”
Today, we see a pattern of rebellion against Yahweh, Yeshua, and the Bible unprecedented in history. Abortion on demand, men are un-needed, the hijacking of the me-too movement, a woman must be believed no matter what her story. The goddesses are growing in number and in their evil behaviors. Well, believe this, the cup of the goddesses’ rebellious iniquity is just about full to overflowing.

Yahweh’s pattern is always to withhold judgment until an iniquity is full, and to give warning prior to that judgment being meted out (Jeremiah 6:8). When the iniquity of Sodom was full (Ezekiel 16:49-50), Yahweh sent fire and sulfur to destroy it (Genesis 19:24-25). How much longer will Yahweh withhold judgment against this blatant rebellion of today’s women who think they are all goddesses who must be submitted to? Not long, me thinks.

Final Thought
The great day of Yahweh is getting really near, even at the door. It hastens forth and will not delay. We do NOT set dates, but clearly Yahweh is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. The signs are clear for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The Temple Mount Mist

On September 30th, 2018 in the Hebrew Year 5779, the last day of Sukkot this year, a thick mist began to rise up from out of the ground on the northeastern corner of the Temple Mount, enshrouding the holy site and obscuring the base of the Dome of the Rock. The mist remained for approximately half an hour, remaining close to the ground and confined to the Temple Mount Compound. This happened during the Hoshana Rabbah service, and was recorded by Josh Wander, a Mount of Olives resident.

Hoshana Rabbah
Hoshana Rabbah is a very significant worship service in Israel. The prayer service includes a special service in which seven circuits are made by the worshippers with their lulav and etrog while singing praises of Yahweh. According to the Midrash Talpiot, this service represents the day when redemption is at hand! The Talpiot says “that the War of Gog and Magog will begin three hours before the dawn on Hoshana Rabbah, the battle will last three hours, and then the Messiah will begin to appear.”

The Mists of Scripture
When Yahweh appears, scripture frequently mentions clouds, or mists. During the Exodus, at Mount Sinai, the entire mountain was covered in clouds, which Deuteronomy 4:11 and 5:22 call “darkness, clouds and thick mist. A mist and darkness enveloped the sorcerer Elymas when Paul rebuked him (Acts 13:11). Peter calls the followers of Bil’am Ben-B‘or “Waterless springs . . . mists driven by a gust of wind; for them has been reserved the blackest darkness” (2 Peter 2:15-17).

The Reaction
Isaiah 44:22 – “I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud and your sins like a heavy mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.”
Identifying clouds is and essential part of aviation training. Joseph Wander is a trained pilot, and said of the phenomenon: “There was very little wind and the smoke just seemed to crawl across the mount toward the Dome of the Rock. It seemed to come out of a specific spot but after several minutes, it seemed to be rising up from multiple sources in the same general area . . . It looked supernatural.”

When Rabbi Yosef Berger heard of the sighting, he calmly commented; “It very well could be that a major battle was being waged on the Temple Mount on the spiritual plane and the only part of it that we could see was the smoke . . . It has been clear all year that a war is being waged for the Temple Mount.”

The Dead Sea has been slowly changing from a salt sea to fresh water. Many see this as a precursor to the fulfillment of prophecies in Ezekiel 47:8-9, which tell us that the waters of the Dead Sea will be healed and will swarm with multitudes of fish. Earthquakes, famines, and pestilences world-wide are on the rise. Wars and rumors of wars assault us on a daily basis in the news. Perhaps the mist seen on the Temple Mount is yet another warning sign that the return of Yeshua is at the door, is imminent, is not far off, is just moments away from happening. What do you say?

Final Thought
The great day of Yahweh is getting really near, even at the door. It hastens forth and will not delay. We do NOT set dates, but clearly Yahweh is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. The signs are clear for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The Rapture Lie

Amos 3:7 – “Yahweh, does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”
You have heard it said that the Rapture is a sign-less event. You have heard it said that it can happen at any moment, without notice. You have heard it said that no one knows the day or hour. I say these are blatant lies.

What? Lies?
Matthew 24:33 – “When you see all these things, you are to know that the time is near, right at the door.”
Mark 13:8 – “Nations will fight each other, there will be earthquakes in various places, there will be famines; this is but the beginning of the ‘birth pains’.”
True, it was not for Yeshua’s disciples to know the date, but what about his future bride? Yeshua gives his bride many clues as to the time frame when her Rapture will happen. Famines, pestilences, earthquakes in diverse places, wars, ethnic tensions, and the budding of the fig tree, just to name a few.

Paul is even more blunt, saying: “But you, brothers, are not in the dark, so that the Day should take you by surprise like a thief.” (1 Thessalonians 5:4). Now, granted, the day Paul is referencing is not the day of the Rapture, but the Day of Yahweh, the seven year tribulation period described by Daniel, Revelation, and the prophets. However, that day cannot begin until after the Bride of Yeshua has been raptured and the antichrist has been revealed (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8). That day cannot happen until the dead are raised and raptured, then the bride raptured.

Putting It All In Context
The wedding ceremony is the best guideline to the timing. The bride is chosen, the bride-price is paid, and the bridegroom heads back to his father’s house to build a new home for himself and his bride.

Building The House
Building a house is a very planned out event:

  • The location is measured, and the building supplies begin to arrive.
  • The walls go up.
  • The roof is put on.
  • The windows and doors are installed.
  • The furniture is built and placed inside.

The bridegroom’s neighbors and bride’s family are alert and watching all of these activities. The rest of the village’s residents likely take little or no notice of these activities. They are the “they/them” of Paul’s writings, who are asleep and not watching, They are the “they/them” who have no clue what is going on and are surprised by the thief in the night!

Finally, the father gives his approval, saying that the building is complete, and then gives his son permission to go get his bride. The son then puts the actual wedding party in high gear:

  • The Chuppah is erected.
  • The transportation for the bride is arranged.
  • Most importantly, the food is prepared for the week-long celebration.

The bridegroom’s neighbors and bride’s family are now very, very alert. Food, especially up until just recently, spoiled quickly. When the neighbors and the bride’s family saw the food being prepared and ready to be served, they KNEW the wedding was now in motion. The rest of the village’s residents still take little or no notice of these activities. They are the “they/them” who are totally surprised when the bridegroom’s friends go to the bride’s house, singing, blowing shofars, shouting, and carrying the bride back to the bridegroom’s house. Are you awake, are you paying attention, or are you still asleep?

Ten Virgins
Matthew 25:1 – It will be “like ten bridesmaids who took their lamps and went out to meet the groom.”
All ten virgins had advance notice of the impending wedding. But observe the difference between the ten virgins: five are ready and prepared, five are not. Only those five who were prepared were let into the wedding party. Are you awake, are you paying attention, or are you still asleep?

Israel is back as a nation. The alliances of nations are virtually all in place. The Temple instruments are ready, the priests are being trained, and the Temple is ready to be built. The tenth red heifer may have been found. Are you awake, are you paying attention, or are you still asleep?

To say that the Rapture is a sign-less event is a lie. The signs are burgeoning and quite evident for those who are alert and watching. The wedding day is at hand, very near. It is not a sign-less event. Yeshua has given advance notice of the many things that will precede the taking of the bride – famines, wars, etc. These are equivalent to the walls, roof, furniture, etc. of the house building. Are you awake, are you paying attention, or are you still asleep?

How much longer will it be before Yahweh gives Yeshua permission to go get his bride? Or has that permission already been given? Is Yeshua right now putting up the Chuppah, preparing the food, and arranging the transportation (horses) to bring his bride to his home in heaven? How many more signs does one need . . . . .?

Final Thought
The great day of Yahweh is getting really near, even at the door. It hastens forth and will not delay. We do NOT set dates, but clearly Yahweh is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. The signs are clear for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.


Red Heifers

Prophecy continues to be fulfilled at an alarming pace.  The state of Israel is a fact.  Jerusalem is controlled by the Jews and belongs to Israel. The Hebrew language has been revived and all Israeli citizens are required to learn it.  The desert is blooming.  And Jewish authorities are preparing to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

On October 13, 2004 the Sanhedrin was reestablished for the first time since 425 A.D. and reconvened on February 9, 2005 to discuss the topic of the Third Temple.  Since that time all of the gold and silver utensils and the garments needed for Temple worship have either been recovered or remanufactured. Only the Ark of the Covenant awaits recovery.  The Temple building itself has been prefabricated and can be rebuilt as soon as permission is given to do so. Two hundred Kohen priests have been identified through DNA testing and are being trained to reinstitute animal sacrifices according to scriptural requirements outlined in the Scroll of Leviticus.  The breeding program for the red heifer has been established by the Temple Institute.

Heifers in scripture are very important. Deuteronomy Chapter 21:1-9 recounts the process for forgiving a town which is nearby a murder victim when the perpetrator of the murder is not known. The elders of the city nearest to the victim are to take a heifer that has never been put to work or yoked for use as a draft animal.

Jeremiah 48:34 recounts the wailing of the cities of Heshbon and Elealah that could be heard as far away as Jahaz sounding like the cries of a three year old heifer.

A red heifer is necessary for purification from sin, according to Numbers Chapter 19. Today, once again, the headlines are ablaze with the news that a pure red heifer has been found.

The Perfect Red Heifer Requirements
Numbers 19:2 – “Tell the people of Israel to bring you a young red female cow without fault or defect and which has never borne a yoke.”
There are three main requirements that the red heifer must meet:

  1. It must be a female cow that has no blemish. In other words, if it has more than only two other color hairs, it is disqualified.
  2. It must have never been used for labor. In other words, never harnessed or yoked.
  3. It must have never been pregnant. In other words, never used as a part of the breeding program.

The first requirement, that the heifer be female, is exactly in opposition to the Egyptian superstition that only male cows were suitable for sacrifice and worship of their goddess Isis. Herodotus states that it is, in fact, not lawful for the Egyptians to offer females.

The second requirement, that the heifer was unblemished and also red in color, may be because the Egyptians only sacrificed red bulls to the evil demon Typhon. Those males were selected with great care. Plutarch states that the Egyptians “sacrifice red bulls, and select them with such scrupulous attention, that if the animal has a single black or white hair, they reckon it unfit to be sacrificed.”

Thirdly, an animal which had been used for a common purpose was deemed improper for sacrifice. An animal that had been yoked and used to plow the ground would be disqualified. An animal that had become pregnant would also be considered disqualified due to its use for a common purpose – bearing fruit.

The Priestly Requirements
The two hundred Kohen priests that have been identified through DNA testing must now be consecrated for service. The anointing oil was found in an Archeological dig in April 1988. The Mediterranean Sea Snail, which disappeared in 70 A.D., has returned in great numbers and now makes it possible for the precious blue and the purple dye required for the High Priestly garments to be manufactured.

Only one requirement is still missing – the red heifer. None of the current priests are ceremonially clean. They cannot be cleansed until the water of separation is recreated. And that requires the ashes of a perfect red heifer!

The Breeding Program
Three years ago the Temple Institute in Jerusalem established a breeding program called “Raise a Red Heifer in Israel” to raise the necessary item needed for purification of the temple and its priests.  Israeli law does not allow the importation of live cattle into Israel, so the Temple Institute imported frozen embryos of red angus cows from the United States and  implanted them into the wombs of Israeli domestic cows.  This summer several calves have been born to those domestic cows.

Tradition, History, and Red Heifer Mania
According to Jewish tradition the perfect heifer must be under four years old, and perfect red heifers are extremely rare. Scripture says Moses prepared the first one during the Exodus and historical documents say that from that time until the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D., only nine perfect red heifers have been sacrificed. Jewish tradition also informs us that there are to be only ten red heifers, and the tenth heifer will usher in the messianic age!

In 2014 the headlines read Torah-Condition-For-3rd-Temple-Now-Met, and articles reported that the Temple Institute had posted a video showing what appeared to be a perfect red heifer that was being raised at an unidentified location in the United States. A report from Right Side News said a “qualified” red heifer has not been seen in Israel for nearly 2,000 years. Other headlines said there really is a red heifer today that could move the progress on the Third Temple forward! Hot news at the time, but how could this heifer be used since it wasn’t born in Israel?

Seeing Red
In 2018, the headlines were once again ablaze with red heifer hysteria. Red Heifer Born In Israel; Bible-Prophecy-Heifer-Apocalypse; A Red Heifer! the headlines proclaimed.

According to The Temple Institute on the 17th day of Elul, 5778, (August 28th, 2018 on the Gregorian calendar), a red  [adom H122 אָדֹם] heifer [parah H6510 פָּרָה], the Parah Aduma, was born in the land of Israel, foreshadowing the rebuilding of the Third Temple and the arrival of their long awaited Mashiach (Messiah).  Christians see this as a prelude to the seven-year tribulation period.  At one week of age, the heifer underwent an extensive examination by rabbinical experts and has been certified by the Rabbis as meeting all of the scriptural requirements.

The now certified red heifer will be examined again in three months time to determine whether it continues to possess the necessary requirements.  Other heifers have initially been found to be qualified, but later became disqualified as they began to age.

Current global events appear to be lining up with the prophecies written in the Bible.  However, other red heifers have initially been found to be qualified, but later became disqualified as they began to age. Will this red heifer be The tenth, or will it too become disqualified as time goes on.

If, . . . . and I say, if . . . . . this red heifer turns out to be The tenth Parah Aduma, then the building of the Third Temple may be close at hand, even at the door.  However, this will not usher in the arrival of the Jew’s long awaited Mashiach (Messiah).  Instead, it will usher in an unprecedented time of agony, bloodshed, disaster, pandemics, wars, and death the likes of which this world has never seen. Yeshua says of this time: “For there will be great tribulation worse than there has ever been from the beginning of the world until now, and there will be nothing like it again!” (Matthew 24:21). The Third Temple will allow the false messiah, the antichrist, to enter into the holy of holies and declare himself to be God.

Final Thought
The great day of Yahweh is getting really near, even at the door. It hastens forth and will not delay. We do NOT set dates, but clearly Yahweh is getting ready to change the course of human history once again. The signs are clear for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.