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Damascus Destroyed

March 5, 2011

Click here for the 2012 Update: Damascus Destroyed Update

Without doubt, Damascus is in for some interesting times, and will be destroyed. Isaiah 17 tells us that Damascus will be destroyed between evening and morning:  “The city of Damascus will be destroyed; only ruins will remain . . . People will leave the cities of Aroer . . . The government in Damascus will end . . .  At night the people will be very frightened.  Before morning, no one will be left . . .”

Jeremiah 49,  and Zechariah 9 tell us that God will destroy the city by fire.  Amos 1 tells us that God will cut the people off.  Some of these prophecies have been fulfilled in past history, and some are yet to come, and others may be repeated, as prophecy often has more than one fulfillment.

In recent days we have learned that a nuclear reactor has once again been discovered nearby Damascus.,2506,L-4033407,00.html

I do not doubt that this reactor is of Iranian manufacture.  We all know how much the Arabs and Iranians love guns, RPGs, bombs, IEDs, and other such killing items.  The intelligence community believes that these items, biological agents, and other weapons of mass destruction are stored in or near Damascus.

Scripture tells us that God himself is the one who destroys Damascus.  Consider this scenario:  The Iranian built reactor becomes infected by the Stuxnet virus.  It blows up after sunset.  The weapons stored nearby are impacted and also blow up and  catch on fire.  The city is leveled before the sun rises.  Damascus is no more. . . Damascus is destroyed, along with nearby cities.

And guess who gets blamed?  You’ve got it: Israel!  Could this be the spark that starts the war of Psalm 83? Note that Syria is not one of the nations mentioned in this Psalm! See /2011/01/31/god-will-glorify-his-name-before-the-nations-israel-will-stand-alone

The stage is being set for all of the end times prophecies to be fulfilled.  One can only ask: “How close are we to the return of Christ?”

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